Lowe 17 Canoe w/ Paddles - $275 (De Pere)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Lowe
model name / number: 17
Lowe has been building top-quality boats since 1971 – however, the family heritage in aluminum watercraft goes back much further. Dianna Lowe, co-founder of Lowe Industries, was the daughter of J.B. Appleby, considered by many to be the father of aluminum boating. Dianna and her husband Carl Lowe founded Lowe Line in 1971 in Lebanon, Missouri - building jon boats and canoes.

For over half a century, Lowe has been perfecting the great American fishing boat right in the middle of the country in Lebanon, Missouri. Here, the people who use the boats build the boats, taking pride in every step of the process from initial engineering to the boat ramp. For generations, the Lowe name has meant quality time on the water with family—time made possible by the highest quality construction. From thoughtful design to premium raw materials to the finest aluminum welders in the world, Lowe brings the peace of mind you expect, the value you need, and the longevity that is shown through thousands of Lowe boats that are passed down to the next generation.
Why Buy an Aluminum Canoe?

Durable & Maintenance Free
Whether you are searching for a boat with maximum impact and abrasion resistance or one to withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures, aluminum offers more protection than any other material. You can store them outside and still expect them not to be adversely affected by the environment. Hull distortion is a major concern with plastics, not a factor with aluminum allowing your hull design to remain the same for the lifetime of your boat.

Aluminum requires zero maintenance. Aluminum’s high resistance to corrosion means aluminum boat hulls are relatively safe from structural fatigue that could otherwise put a vessel out of commission. Aluminum gunwales, seats, yokes, decks, and parts made from aluminum will not break down, or attract mildew or rust.

All Natural & Environmentally Friendly
Known as the "green metal," aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly metals because of its sustainability. As the most recyclable industrial material, aluminum can be recycled infinitely. Additionally, aluminum canoes last longer than their composite and plastic counterparts.

It is not uncommon to pass an aluminum canoe on the water that is 20-30 years old. These boats stay on the water and out of landfills. The manufacturing process for aluminum is non-toxic and does not require harmful resins or reduce toxic emissions and chemicals in the manufacturing process, like composites and plastics. Safe for the environment and employees.

Lightweight Performance
The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum is superior to all plastic rotomolded and thermoform canoes. Most aluminum canoes weigh less than 79 pounds, making them easy to portage, cartop, and store. The lighter weight allows Aluminum Canoes to glide smoother through the water than similar recreational canoes made of much heavier plastic and vinyl materials.

Easy to Repair
Although aluminum is strong, there may be times when it sustains some damage. One of the benefits of a natural material (unlike plastic), aluminum canoes are repairable. Dents from impact can easily be repaired with a rubber mallet. Scrapes and scratches can also be repaired or left without risk as battle scars to remember past adventures and outings.

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