Need help with an Estate or Probate issue? (Wisconsin)

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If you are looking for help with an ESTATE or PROBATE matter, contact The Estate Planning Group (920) 234-6998 to schedule a free telephone consultation to discuss your case with a lawyer. We have helped hundreds of families throughout Wisconsin save thousands of dollars of their inheritances by navigating the byzantine complexities of probate as efficiently as possible.

In Wisconsin, unless specific arrangements have been made before death, PROBATE is generally required to transfer any Real Estate (home, land, buildings), and all personal assets if the total value $50,000.00 or more. Even where the value is less than $50,000.00 legal steps will still be required to deal with banks, credit unions, and financial institutions.

The Estate Planning Group can help you navigate the complexities of PROBATE, including help with the following:

• Mom/dad wasn’t rich with mansions and servants, why are we talking about an “estate”?
• I am the only “heir”, why do I need to go to Court to take over mom’s/dad’s bank account?

• The WILL says I’m Personal Representative, why do I need to go to Court to take over accounts?
• It says in the WILL that I am the beneficiary, why do I need to go to Court to take over accounts?

• I am Power of Attorney (POA) for mom/dad, doesn’t that mean I am in charge of the Estate?
• Understanding PROBATE and why it may be required for your case.

• Understanding which assets are PROBATE assets, and which are NON-PROBATE assets.
• Understanding why a Last WILL & Testament DOES NOT avoid PROBATE.
• Understanding what a Personal Representative and Domiciliary Letters are.

• How to get “Executor Papers” from the Court that banks require.
• Understanding what a Personal Representative is, and what Domiciliary Letters are.
• How to get Domiciliary Letters from the Court, and why you need them.

The Estate Planning Group can help you through the complicated Court process to receive the “Executor Papers” from the Court and complete the required steps to distribute assets to the rightful heirs and settle the estate.

The Estate Planning Group is currently offering a FREE 30-MINUTE telephone consultation.

With offices at 120 E. 4th Street, downtown Kaukauna, we provide remote services and travel as necessary to serve clients throughout the State of Wisconsin. See us at www.TheEstatePlanningGroup.com for more information.

Request your FREE consultation by calling (920)234-6998, or visit our website for Contact Us links.

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